Reptiles and Amphibians of Croatia | Croatia Unbound


38 species of reptiles can be found in Croatia, with 9 endemic species. Dalmatia is the most diversified part of Croatia in terms of reptiles found there.

Lizards comprise the largest percentage of endemic species, with the majority of them being found on Croatia’s islands. Unfortunately, the isolation of these island populations make them vulnerable to introduced predators and competitive species and, as such, they are amongst the most threatened species.

Croatia’s arid, rocky karst landscape serves as an ideal habitat for reptiles such as the venomous nose-horned viper (poskok in Croatian), the Balkan green lizard, the Balkan whip snake, the Caspian terrapin, and Hermann’s tortoise. The Caspian terrapin is one of Croatia’s most endangered reptiles.


Croatia has 20 amphibian species, with 8 endemic species. The Pannonian lowlands has the richest biodiversity in terms of amphibians. The fire salamander can be found in Krka National Park, and the blind subterranean olm lives in Croatia’s calm caves waters that we sometimes see on our Croatia kayak tours.