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Zadar Sun Salutation


Zadar's Sun Salutation landmark, located right next to the Sea Organ and created by Croatian architect Nikola Bašić, plies on another one of our senses: sight. The Sun Salutation brings the sun into the land with its sweeping 22-meter circle of solar panels carved into the ground. 300 multi-layered glass plates lay even with the waterfront, covering photo-voltage solar modules interspersed with LEDs that glow when the sun sets. As the installation collects solar energy throughout the day, the power of the light waves, as well as the motion of the light, varies daily.

The light show sprouting out from the pavement mirrors the movement of the solar system.  Bašić’s creation has proportionally sized solar lights resembling planets placed at their proportional distances from the sun. It’s renewable energy in action, and a way to enjoy a beautiful sunset with a slightly trippy light show.  



Zadar's waterfront Sea Organ (Morske orgulje), created by Croatian architect Nikola Bašić along with the Sun Salutation landmark, allows you to hear the music of the ocean, literally, as tidal waves hit 35 organ pipes hidden under a descending series of concrete steps that resemble an organ’s angled pipes. As nature performs the musical maelstrom composed of wind and tides, passers by can never be sure what musical variation they’ll hear. Along with the Sun Salutation, the Sea Organ art installation transforms Zadar's waterfront into an even more stunning--and whimsical--experience. 



Breakups hurt, and failed relationships leave a pile of tainted “artifacts” in the ruins. Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships was born of the desire to heal through creation—specifically by creating something meaningful from a lost love’s legacy. People donate an object, souvenir, or memento loaded with personal meaning and anonymously tell and share their story.

The museum stands as a collective emotional history, a reminder that while breakups may be dislocating and isolating, the experience is inclusive.   


Los Angeles has its own Museum of Broken Relationships opened recently in 2016.


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