Health & Safety | Croatia Unbound


Travelers do not require inoculations to visit Croatia, though those who plan to spend time hiking in the mountains should consider being inoculated against tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), which you can learn more about here by visiting the CDC’s website



Taking out an insurance policy before traveling protects against illness, injury, theft, and loss. While a travel insurance policy covers for loss of tickets, baggage, cancellations, etc., many exclude activities listed as “dangerous sports” unless an additional premium is paid.

In Croatia, these activities can include whitewater rafting, trekking, scuba-diving, and windsurfing. Kayaking, however, is usually not considered a potential “dangerous sport.”

As always, keep receipts for medical treatment and/or medicines and obtain a statement from the police if you find yourself needing to make a claim.



Public toilets remain rather rare in Croatia, and many charge a modest fee.



Much of the Adriatic coast embraces naturism, and you’ll see it locally denoted by the Germany acronym “FKK.” You’ll find isolated beaches or coves throughout Croatia where nudity is acceptable (distanced from the more family-oriented regions), and some designated naturist beaches as well. Istria is home to some naturist holiday villages, and naturist campsites can be found on Krk and Istria.