Fish of Croatia | Croatia Unbound

Croatia’s geographic position, encompassing two draining basins for the Black Sea and Adriatic, as well as its unique karst habitats make it an incredible home for a vast array of freshwater fish. The Adriatic’s karst habitats also result in a high degree of endemism.

151 freshwater fish species, with 18 Croatian karst endemics, can be found in Croatia’s waters. While the Black Sea basin covers 62% of Croatia’s territory to the Adriatic basin’s 38%, they are about even in terms of fish species representation: 81 fish species inhabit the Black Sea whereas 88 species inhabit the Adriatic—at least as far as have been identified.

The Adriatic Sea boasts of over 65% of the Mediterranean Sea’s known fish taxa, though of course this number is constantly fluctuating. Only 6 of the 433 fish taxa recorded are endemic, with two gobies (Didogobius schlieweni and Gobius kolombatovici) relatively new to the world of science. Tuna, swordfish, oily fish, stargazer, and poisonous weever also populate the Croatian Adriatic.

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