Birds of Croatia | Croatia Unbound

Croatia has some of Europe’s richest ornythofauna, housing 375 bird species total. 234 species breed in Croatia, and 78 of these are threatened throughout Europe. Croatia’s coastline, rivers, and wetlands provide diverse habitats for its incredible diverse bird population.

Some of the birds on your Croatian birding checklist should be: Eurasian spoonbill, Peregrine falcon, Corncrake, Croatian carp, White throated dipper, Griffon vultures, White storks, Dalmatian pelican, Imperial eagle, Golden and Serpent eagles, Little grebe, Great bittern, Purple heron, Glossy ibis.

The region between the Danube and Drava in northern Croatia has an abundance of waterfowl and marsh bird populations such as the Glossy Ibis, Herons, Cormorants, and Coots. Many of Croatia’s birds of prey can be found in the protected mountain regions that stretch across Central Croatia, though the birds also populate sparsely populated coastal regions in Dalmatia and Istria such as Velebit National Park.

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